To understand the nature better with biology and technology.

One of the fundamental advantage of algae biotechnology is that the utilisation of sunlight is 5 times more efficient in the organism than, for example, the land plants, maize or rape.

In addition, it offers an environmental benefit, because an algae cultivation can also happen in arid regions due to a closed container system.An intensive application of herbicides or insecticides or rather fertiliser is not necessary.This enables the opportunity, to achieve biomass production without unrivalled food production.The importance of economic factors is that algae is a renewable resource and can fill the gap at the food- and energy market.

With the support by Bio AG (work group at the Institute of Bio- and Food Technology at the Univerity of Karlsruhe) we would like to combine the biological aspect of algae biotechnology better and clear with the technical aspect.
Praticularly relevant is the knowledge about the fundamental mechanism of photosynthesis translate into quantitative determinations of different algae.

The target is to develop bioreactors, which get along with low investments and low quantities but nevertheless work highly intensive.
Overall this field offers very good development opportunities for technical adjustments, which finally lead to efficiency increase in different sectors.

At the moment the area of appliation of major technical produced algae is focussed on food- and nutritional supplements.
For example, the algae of the genus Chlorella due to its high protein content and its content of unsaturated fatty acids are highly appreciated.

Overall Chlorella contains a high proportion of vitamin B and catotinoids, which can be found at the food technology.
The algae Spirulina is well known for its variety of vital substances and also for its high content of chlorophyll.

The impressive aspect it that Spirulina contains appr. 70 % of proteins, with the combination of its enormous bioavailability of vital substances and nutriens. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that a regular intake of the basic algae shows a phenomenal positive effect and furthermore its re-activate the self-healing ability of the body.

You are interested in

  • Bio-certified algal biomass, Spirulina and Chlorella as powder, capsules or pressed tablets;
  • Marketing concept of own products;
  • Production and further developing of plant configurations, optimization of biomass productivity;
  • Process development of new strains and mediums;
  • Implementation of new, innovative photobioreactors or technologies;

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