Rose Drops water with the extract of rose oil

Two brilliant products in an incredible composition of minerals, flavours, benefits and energy. The best way to describe the natural mineral water with their valuable substances of the bulgarian rose! Rose Drops water flows from the heart of the mythic mountain chain of Rhodopen in Bulgaria – close to the old Thracian sanctuary – it contains the energy of the beautiful songs of the legendary cantaor Orpheus, who lived here 3500 years before.

Undisputed is the fact that only water, which flows from sacral places, contains a particularly energy.

These structure of the water is prepared to adopt and transfer information.

By an examination, which provides that Rose Drops Water is a natural Mineral water from the mountains and brings energy to the consumers due to the extraordinary positive energy and due to the perfect composition of natural minerals.

Natural, healthy ingredients like calcium and magnesium, which may help for the overall health.

Natrium and fluorine are hardly elements of the water.

Rose Drops water is a bio product, which distinguishes itself due to the sweet taste and the alpine lightness. It can be consumed daily. Its aroma is like a rose garden, coupled with a breath of fresh air. It can be consumed daily.

The effect is almost twice, if such a raw water from the nature meets the rose queen, the bulgarian rose Damascena, which was brought from Far East and bloomed on the fields of the Balkan region.

Then you also absorb also the bulgarian rose oil, which is an element of the Rose Drops Water.

It increases vitality and resistance of the body and provides health, strengthens the immune system, it has disinfecting properties and it purifies the body.

Its flavour is like a rose garden combined with a touch of fresh alpine air.

A feeling of antiquity, of softness and beauty...

A journey over rose blooms, which persuades you, to be happy and to love ...

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Rose Drops á 0,5 liter

  • without artificial colourings and flavourings
  • provides the body with health
  • without gluten
  • without GMO
  • without sugar
  • invigorates the immune system
  • it has antiseptic and anti-sclerosis effects
  • it purifies the body