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We are fully focused on researching, developing and producing new products for you. We use and combine old traditions and new technologies, to meet customers needs and aspirations.

Our scientific emphasies lies in the development and the modelling of phototrophic bioprocesses.

Biotechnology is passion!

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bioOrganic products

Two brilliant products in an incredible composition of minerals, flavours, benefits and energy. Rose Drops water flows from the heart of the mythic mountain chain of Rhodopen in Bulgaria.

Rose Drops water is a bio product, which distinguishes itself due to the sweet taste and the alpine lightness. It can be consumed daily. Its aroma is like a rose garden, coupled with a breath of fresh air.

A feeling of antiquity, of softness and beauty...

A journey over rose blooms, which persuades you, to be happy and to love ...

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Designer furniture & noble accessoires

From time out of minds wood attends us and hasn´t lost anything of its magnificient properties and its beauty about thousands of years. Get the best out of the natural selections. Wood is an organic grown natural resource and brings an immense variety of structure and color due to its naturalness. Even today wood is one of the most noble material. Our main focus is the processing and customization of customers requirement. Allow yourself to be surprised!

Our knowledge makes wood to be something special ...

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